12May, 20


Departure from your location: Stop for coffee/breakfast: Arrival at the port of Kissamos: Duration: Pickup from the port of Kissamos: Stop for lunch (if desired): Return to your chosen destination: Crete is for a lot of people, the island of surprises as it has endless beaches both north and south of the island. One of the best destinations is Balos beach. Balos is one of the beaches of Crete that you should go see, let alone swim in its beautiful crystal clear emerald waters. Next to Balos …
12May, 20

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi means island of deer, and in fact in Venetian maps (15th century) it is referred to as Curvi (deer) probably because of the existence of deer on the island in the past. It is a place that is unique, enchanting, exotic, divine, a location that as soon as you see it you do not believe that it exists like it. However, it does exist and is located at the southwestern tip of the island and at a distance of …
12May, 20

Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum

Departure from your location:Arrival at Knossos:Duration:Departure for the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:Duration:Free time at the city center:Return to your chosen destination: The Minoan palace of Knossos is the most visited archaeological site of Crete. The Minoan palace of Knossos is the most visited archaeological site of Crete. The Knossos palace is located 5 kilometers southeast of the town of Heraklion and is built on the hill of Kefala with easy access to the sea as well as the main town of the …
09Dec, 19

Venetitian Fortress of Koules – Heraklion city center

Departure from your locationArrival in KoulesDuration of stay Departure for a walk in the city and other attractionsLength of stay in the cityReturn to your selected destination Koules is the name of the sea fortress that dominates the port of Heraklion and is one of the most important sights of the city that when viewed from above resembles the face of a horse. It was built by the Venetians to protect the city from invaders and the landings of other conquerors and …
08Dec, 19

Lassithi Plateau

Departure from your locationArrival in the village of PsychroDuration of stay Stop for food (if you wish)Return to your selected destination Holidays in Crete and do not visit the Lassithi plateau is not possible. A unique place in the whole history-mythology of Crete is the cave Diktaion Andron in the village of Psychro which is considered one of the most important internationally known caves, with great mythological and archaeological interest, starting from the myth that the god Zeus was born there. The …
02Nov, 19

Preveli – Spili

Departure from your placeArrival to Preveli’s Village or in a location near to the ravineDuration of stay in PreveliDeparture from Spili VillageStop for food (if you want) Return to your place One of the most beautiful and exotic places of Crete close to Rethimno, is the beach in Preveli which is known as “Palm Forest” and it is near to the despotic monastery of Preveli at the gorge estuary “Courtalitiko”. The monastery established in the Middle Ages was destroyed after the Turkish …
Departure from your placeArrival in the entrance of the gorge / Trip durationReturn to your place Have you ever visit even once in your life the second longest gorge in Europe and the biggest in Greece? If not, now it’s the time to live this extraordinary experience. The Gorge of Samaria is about 17 km long and took its name from the small Byzantine church, built-in 1379 and named Osia Maria which is located in the middle of the gorge. The gorge of Samaria belongs to the south side of the prefecture of Chania and is an all-day excursion for lovers of hiking and nature. It is a place with narrow passages, streams and a long route that ends at a magnificent beach in Agia Roumeli.  Hiking in the gorge can last from 4-7 hours depending on the pace and endurance of the hikers. The Samaria Gorge and a large area around it of about 48,500 acres have been designated a National Park, which in 2010 was included in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network. There you will meet the so-called "lazy" which are Cretan wild goats (kri-kri) and many other species of animals that are not found anywhere else such as the Cretan badger (arkalos), the Cretan ferret (zourida), the Cretan thorn, the Cretan bride (Kalogiannou), vultures, golden eagles and vultures make up the avifauna of the forest, along with hundreds of other smaller bird species. Also, you will notice more than 450 species of plants unique in the world, such as the scent of the dragon, anemones, marjoram, irises, pines, cypresses and many other rare plants so it is not allowed to cut any of them during the hike. You will cross many narrow passages with the most famous being the doors or IRON GATES. This point is dangerous mainly in the morning and evening hours of summer due to landslides due to sudden changes in temperature and the passage of kri-kri on the rocks to explore food. Along the gorge you will find 22 springs with drinking water that you can possibly drink and fill your bottles. Usually most visitors choose to start the descent of the gorge around 08:00 in the morning, so to reach Agia Roumeli at noon, to dive in the deep blue sea on the beach and to take the ferry to leave for Sfakia or Paleochora . It is necessary to get sports or hiking shoes to avoid any injuries, open shoes are prohibited. Notes: The default stops may change according to your wishes, you can consult your guide.  Prices do not include entrance fees for archeological sites / museums, escorts / meals and ferry tickets. [contact-form-7 id="18765" title="Contact Us"] Samaria Gorge
27Sep, 19

Spinaloga – Elounda – Agios Nikolaos

Departure from your placeArrival at PlakaDuration stay at Spinaloga’s islandDeparture for Agios Nikolaos or EloundaStop for food (if you wish) / Free timeStop at the Monastery of Agios Georgios SelinariReturn to your selected destination Spinalonga or otherwise known as "The Island" by the international best seller of the British author Victoria Hislop who with a sneak peek at an image, in an article conveys a feeling of awe and horror.Even today, Spinalonga with its millions of visitors every year maintains this …
27Aug, 19

Vai – South Zakros – Xerokampos

i.Departure from your location: ii. Stop for coffee / breakfast: iii. Arrival at Vai beach: iv. Duration of stay : v. Departure for South Zakros: vi. Length of stay and Stop for food (if you wish): vii. Departure for Xerokampos Sitia: viii. Duration of stay: ix. Return to your selected destination As you know Crete is one of the largest and most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, wherever you choose to spend your vacation. it is worth spending a day for this destination, the unique palm forest of Vai …
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