Sitia Transportation Guide: Buses, Taxi, Car Rental & Bikes

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Sitia Transportation Guide: Buses, Taxi, Car Rental & Bikes

Sitia is a charming port town located on the eastern side of Crete, Greece. Rich in history and culture, the city has roots dating back to the Minoan period, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in ancient civilisations. Sitia is positioned beautifully on the Aegean Sea, with a stunning landscape of beaches, mountains, and valleys that produce renowned olive oil and wine.

Historically, Sitia has seen various civilisations, from the Minoans to the Venetians and the Ottomans, leaving their mark on the town. This rich past is evident in the archaeological sites, the Byzantine fortress, and the traditional architecture that can be seen around the city. Today, Sitia is known for its warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, and vibrant festivals celebrating its heritage.

Geographically, Sitia's unique position makes it an ideal base for exploring the eastern part of Crete. It's burrowed between the rugged mountains and the Aegean Sea, offering stunning views and diverse natural attractions. Visitors can explore the nearby Vai palm forest, the Toplou Monastery, and various beaches along the coastline.


Sitia has good connections with other major cities in Crete. It's approximately 135 kilometres east of Agios Nikolaos, a drive of about 2 hours, and about 150 kilometres from Heraklion, the island's capital, which is roughly a 2.5-hour drive. These routes offer scenic views of the Cretan countryside, enhancing the journey.

Sitia offers a variety of transportation options. Local and long-distance buses, operated by KTEL, connect Sitia with other towns and cities in Crete. Taxis are readily available in Sitia for quick and convenient local transportation. Airport transfer services provide direct routes to and from Sitia Airport, making it easy for air travellers to reach their destinations. For those who prefer driving, car rental services are available.

What are the bus options in Sitia?

Sitia offers 4 bus options for convenient transportation within the town and to other destinations. Local buses operate within Sitia, offering an affordable and convenient way to explore different neighbourhoods and attractions. The KTEL long-distance bus network also serves the town, which connects Sitia with other cities and towns on Crete and the mainland. KTEL buses provide reliable and comfortable transportation options for both local and long-distance travel.

For tourists, Sitia offers hop on - hop off buses which are a popular tourist option in Sitia. These buses offer a flexible and convenient way to explore the town and its surroundings. Passengers can hop on and off at various designated stops, allowing them to visit popular attractions at their own pace. Additionally, shuttle buses are available in Sitia, providing transportation to nearby destinations such as airports, tourist spots, and neighbouring towns. These shuttle services offer a convenient option for travellers who want to reach specific locations without needing a private car.

Listed below are the buses options available in Sitia:

  • Local Buses
  • Long Distance Bus Network
  • Hop On - Hop off Buses
  • Shuttle Buses

Local Buses

The local public transportation company operates the local buses in Sitia and provides regular services to different neighbourhoods and areas of Sitia.

A single ticket for a local bus ride from Heraklion Airport to Sitia costs €13 - €16, making it an affordable choice for residents and visitors. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver upon boarding the bus. Local buses in Sitia follow a regular schedule during the day, with frequent departures allowing passengers to catch a bus and reach their destinations quickly. The programs are designed to accommodate the needs of the local population and visitors; it's important to note that the bus frequency may be reduced during the evening and nighttime hours. However, night buses may also operate in Sitia, providing convenient means of transportation during those hours.

Long Distance Bus Network

KTEL, the leading bus company in Greece, manages the long-distance bus network in Sitia. KTEL is famous for its intercity bus services, connecting cities across Greece, including on the island of Crete. In Sitia, popular routes KTEL covers include those relating the town to significant destinations such as Heraklion, Chania, and Rethymno. These routes offer a convenient way to explore the island of Crete, enabling travellers to visit different cities from a single base location.

The bus route from Sitia to Heraklion is very popular. This journey provides stunning views of the Cretan landscape, making the travel experience enjoyable. The journey time is approximately 3 hours, offering a convenient option for a day trip. 

The bus route from Sitia to Chania is the second-largest city in Crete, known for its beautiful Venetian harbour. takes about 4.5 to 5 hours, passing through diverse landscapes. 

Sitia to Rethymno is another frequent bus route. Rethymno is a city known for its historic charm and beautiful beaches. The journey takes roughly 3.5 to 4 hours.

Ticket prices for these routes vary. The fare from Sitia to Heraklion is approximately €15-€20, to Chania around €20-€25, and to Rethymno about €15-€20.

Hop On- Hop off Buses

There are no Hop On-Hop off buses running in the Sitia or Lassithi area. Hop on - Hop off buses are tourist buses that offer a sightseeing tour and its surroundings. They allow tourists to get on and off the bus at any designated stop as often as they want within a certain period. They can choose their itinerary and explore the attractions at their own pace.

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle Bus offers a transfer service from Sitia airport to your hotel or a fixed location in Sitia. Airport bus shuttles are a common type of shuttle service in Sitia. They transport passengers to and from the airport. However, shuttle buses may take longer than private transfers or taxis due to multiple stops. Shuttle bus fares are typically charged per person. The price varies depending on the specific shuttle service and the destination. 

What people transfer options are there in Sitia?

Sitia offers 3 popular transportation options for people to transfer within and beyond the city. These options cater to different needs, whether for local, intercity travel, or airport transfers.

Listed below are the transfer options in Sitia:

  • Crete taxi: Taxis are a readily available and convenient option for people transfers. Taxis offer door-to-door service, making them an ideal choice for direct travel, particularly for individuals with luggage or those travelling in a group. Ride-hailing apps, such as Uber or Lyft, are unavailable in Sitia, making taxis the area's primary mode of on-demand transportation. Taxi companies like Cretan Bay Transfer ensure a smooth journey to various destinations, including airports, hotels, tourist attractions, and more. Professional and courteous drivers add to the quality of the service.
  • Crete Airport Transfers: Airport transfers in Sitia cater specifically to air travellers. These services provide transportation between Sitia Public Airport and the town or other desired destinations. Options include shuttle buses, taxis, or private transfer services, each with advantages and considerations.
  • Crete Car Rentals: Car rentals are available in Sitia for those who prefer the flexibility and freedom of having their vehicle. Numerous car rental agencies operate in the town, offering a range of vehicles to suit different preferences and budgets.

Is pre-booking a taxi recommended in Sitia?

Yes, pre-booking a taxi in Sitia is recommended, especially for specific travel requirements or during busy periods. There are several ways to pre-book a taxi in Sitia. The most common option is to contact local taxi companies such as Cretan Bay Transfer directly via phone or through their websites. Many taxi companies in Sitia offer online booking forms where passengers can input their travel details, including the pickup location, destination, date, and time. 

In Sitia, Crete taxis are available 24 hours, ensuring transportation is available at any time of the day or night. There are various types of taxis available in Sitia to cater to different needs and group sizes. Standard four-seater sedans are commonly found and suitable for individuals, couples, or small families. Additionally, larger taxis or minivans can be requested for larger groups or those with more luggage. It is advisable to specify the type of taxi required at the time of booking to ensure a comfortable and suitable vehicle for the journey.

Sitia Transportation

What kind of taxis are available in Sitia?

Sitia's most common types of taxis are sedans, minivans, and minibuses. Sedans are the standard type of taxi in Sitia and can accommodate up to four passengers. They are suitable for individuals, couples, or small families who require transportation for shorter distances or with less luggage.

While minivans are larger vehicles that can comfortably accommodate more passengers and offer extra space for luggage, they are ideal for larger groups or families with more baggage to carry.

And minibuses are larger vehicles designed to accommodate even larger groups of passengers. They have a greater seating capacity than minivans and provide ample space for passengers and their belongings. 

How much do taxis cost in Sitia?

Taxi services in Sitia range between €52 and €300, depending on the travel distance and the final destination. These services offer convenience for travellers, especially those visiting or coming from the airport.

For example, if travelling from Sitia Airport to Heraklion Airport (HER), a distance of approximately 129 kilometres, the estimated taxi fare is around €167. This journey usually lasts about 115 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

For longer distances, such as a journey from Sitia Airport to Chania Airport (CHQ), approximately 275 kilometres, the standard taxi fare is about €350. This trip typically takes around 232 minutes.

On the other hand, for shorter routes from Sitia Airport to the nearby village of Mochlos, roughly 36 kilometres away, the average taxi fare is around €53. This trip usually takes about 46 minutes to complete.

Are there any ride-hailing apps available in Sitia?

Ride-hailing apps are not available in Sitia. Ride-hailing apps, such as Uber, Lyft, FreeNow, and Bolt, are digital platforms that connect passengers with drivers who use their private vehicles to provide transportation. These apps are popular in many urban areas worldwide, offering a convenient alternative to traditional taxi services.

The history of ride-hailing apps in Greece is marked by challenges. Uber entered the Greek market in 2015 but suspended its operations in 2018 after facing opposition from local taxi drivers and issues with regulatory compliance. The Greek government has strict regulations in place for taxis, and these have made it difficult for ride-hailing companies to operate.

Therefore, for those in Sitia looking for transportation options, taxis, local buses, and car rental services remain the primary options for getting around the area.

Is it recommended to book airport transfers from Sitia?

Yes, booking airport transfers from Sitia is highly recommended. The benefits of booking airport transfers in advance include not having to worry about navigating public transportation or hailing a taxi upon arrival, especially after a long flight. It ensures a vehicle is waiting to transport travellers to their destination. Moreover, pre-booking a Sitia airport transfer service often leads to more competitive rates compared to hiring a taxi on the spot.

Is there a metro in Sitia?

No, a metro system does not exist in Sitia. Sitia, being a smaller town on the island of Crete, needs the infrastructure for such a system. Public transportation in Sitia primarily consists of buses and taxis, which serve the needs of the local population and visitors.

The lack of a metro system in Sitia also reflects the town's less complex transportation needs and infrastructure. This aligns with the town's smaller and less dense population compared to larger cities where metro systems are prevalent. 

How easy is it to rent a car in Sitia?

Renting a car in Sitia is typically straightforward. Numerous car rental companies operate in the area, offering choices of vehicles to suit different needs. Choices range from compact cars for easy city driving to larger vehicles for families or groups.

Pros of renting a car in Sitia include the freedom and flexibility it provides. With a rental car, one can explore the area at leisure without relying on public transportation schedules. It allows easy access to remote areas and beaches around Sitia that might be less accessible by bus.

Car rental companies in Sitia, such as Rental Center Crete, often provide useful extras such as GPS, child safety seats, and additional driver options. Some also offer the convenience of picking up and dropping off the car at the airport.

How much is the cost of a car rental in Crete?

Crete car rental costs range between €18 to €79 based on the type of vehicle and rental duration. 

A compact Crete car rental like the Peugeot 108 starts at around €18 per day. This small vehicle is perfect for navigating the narrow streets of Crete's cities and towns.

A slightly larger vehicle, the Skoda Kamiq, starts at approximately €31 per day. This vehicle might be a better fit for those who need more room for passengers or luggage.

For those who require even more space, the Volkswagen Golf Variant starts at around €36 per day. 

A greener option is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which starts at around €41 per day. This vehicle offers excellent fuel efficiency, which can help reduce the overall cost of travel.

Finally, for those who prefer a larger vehicle, the Volkswagen Tiguan Auto starts at approximately €64 per day. This SUV provides enough space for a comfortable ride, making it perfect for longer journeys around the island.

Should bike rentals be avoided?

Yes, scooters should be avoided since bike rentals, especially scooters, might not be the safest mode of transport in Sitia due to the state of the roads. In some parts, the streets are narrow and winding and often have loose gravel, which could lead to accidents, especially for those unfamiliar with these conditions.

Prices for scooter rentals can vary but are generally affordable. For example, a standard 50cc scooter can cost around €15 per day, while a more powerful 125cc scooter can be around €25 per day. However, despite the affordability, the safety concerns associated with scooters often outweigh the benefits.

While bike rentals are available in Sitia, it's generally recommended to opt for safer modes of transport such as car rentals, taxis, or buses, especially for those unfamiliar with the local road conditions and traffic rules. 

Are there any Covid restrictions on transportation in Sitia?

As of March 27, 2023, if there are no COVID-19 restrictions in place for transportation in Agios Nikolaos, Greece, the local authorities have deemed it safe to resume normal transportation operations, and there are no specific travel limitations, requirements, or guidelines related to COVID-19 impacting transportation services in Agios Nikolaos at this time.

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