Transfer from/to traditional “events”

Cretan Bay Transfer, gives you the opportunity to learn, visit and taste the traditions of Crete in any form. In our place every month are organized traditional “events” or the so-called “festivals” with Cretan music, traditional rituals, with traditional Cretan food where in these festivities you can become one with the Cretan people and feel the Cretan hospitality.

Holidays mean island, carefree, festival and in Crete we have many of them. Our villages do their best to create and set up the most famous feast. At the festivals you will see squares, streets and many schoolyards filled with tables where we all become a family and party until the early morning hours eating traditional food such as the wedding pilaf which overflows from the dishes, opposite (lamb cooked for hours around the fire) to fill the tables and of course drinking plenty of wine and raki accompanied by listening to the Cretan Instrument(Lyra).

Listening to the sound of the “Lyra” and the other Cretan musical instruments gives the slogan and the fun finds expression and power in Levantine steps that only the Cretan stanzas can do. With the dances, the figures and the kicks of your feet, your men bring to life all the myths that have been told around the Cretan feast. After the party starts you will hear the “PAME KOUPES” where one invites another and they drink the glass that is full of wine mug (monoroufi), mantinades that come out at that time and all this takes off the party and makes us all a hug.It is definitely an experience that would be good to live and that will sweetly pierce your hearts

Ask us if you would like to attend any of these events.

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