Vai – South Zakros – Xerokampos

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As you know Crete is one of the largest and most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, wherever you choose to spend your vacation. it is worth spending a day for this destination, the unique palm forest of Vai located in the northeastern part of Crete, which is covered by palm trees that are known from the Minoan era that flourished in Crete under the name Theophrastus (phoenix theophrastil).A legend says that the palm forest was created by Arab pirates who by eating dates (palm fruit) their seeds sprouted in the fertile soil and with the tropical climate that prevails in the area helped to form the forest. The palm forest covers an area of ​​250 acres where you can walk it and take wonderful photos creating a wonderful album of memories and finally end up on the beautiful beach and swim in the clear blue waters.

Next destination is the enchanting South Zakros which is a small paradise away from the crowds. The few people who live there with their Cretan hospitality will make you not feel like a visitor but locals who went to enjoy your swim, the landscape and the good homemade food in the 3-4 family taverns that exist. We are sure that by getting there you will find out how big and inexhaustible Crete is. Your choice to spend your vacation in this destination will make you, like millions of other people, visit it every year. It is also worth mentioning that on South Zakros ends the famous European path E4 which starts from the Pyrenees-France-Switzerland-Austria-Germany-Hungary-Bulgaria-Greece and ends on South Zakros.

Continuing our excursion, next stop is the beautiful location of Xerokampos Sitia, with its many small unique beaches, such as the beach with lilies, beaches with unique seabeds due to the caves that exist and of course the unique clay beach where you can enjoy a natural spa for as long as you wish, exfoliation. You can enjoy its emerald waters and taste the homemade food on local taverns . in the end you will be impressed seeing the landscape from above as well as the whole route.

In the continuation of our excursion we meet the plateau of Ziros where you can drink a local drink (raki) with its traditional side dishes. It is definitely a beautiful route with many images of beautiful wild nature landscapes, which in the end you will say yes, Crete never ends. It is a unique destination that you will definitely want to visit again.

Notes :

The default stops may change according to your wishes, you can consult your guide.

 Prices do not include entrance fees for archeological sites / museums, escorts / meals and ferry tickets.

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