Private Day Trip to Lassithi Plateau

This is the day trip itinerary:
Departure from your location - Arrival in the village of Psychro - Stop for food (if you wish) - Return to your selected destination.

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Oropedio Lassithi Day Trip

Vacation in Crete and not visiting the Lassithi plateau is not possible. A unique place in the whole history-mythology of Crete is the cave Diktaion Andron in the village of Psychro which is considered one of the most important internationally known caves, with great mythological and archaeological interest, starting from the myth that the god Zeus was born there.

The visit to this village is made with an easy ascent from the paved path surrounded by oaks and various species of herbs. At the end of the trail it is worth stopping to enjoy the panoramic view of the whole Plateau and breathe the fresh mountain air, so you will understand that the cave of Dikteos was not chosen by chance. Inside the cave you will admire the infinite stalactites, stalagmites and a picturesque lake of the cave. But the silence inside the cave is also remarkable, which gives you the feeling of an eerie atmosphere.

Lassithi plateau excursion

Then a walk in the small and large villages around the plateau will reward you as each has its own story. Take a walk or drive through the plateau with the hundreds of windmills that awe you for their beauty and you are sure to be enchanted by the landscape from above. In every village you can try Cretan delicacies, buy traditional products and of course taste Cretan food from local products as baked by our grandchildren (Cretan sourdough bread, food in a wood oven, food in a pot, Cretan snacks, etc).

This excursion is characterised by a harmonious combination of different landscapes throughout the route. It is worth informing you that throughout the summer there are regular cultural and religious music events – events in various villages of Lassithi. There are also folklore museums that you can visit that we are sure will steal a part of your heart. So we recommend you to dedicate at least one day of your vacation to visit one of the many hearts of Crete.


The preset stops can be changed according to your preferences, you can consult your driver.

Prices don’t include the entrance fees for the archaeological sites / museums , escorts/meals and ferry tickets.

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